Домой Аналитика What and how to make to dial clock views on YouTube?

What and how to make to dial clock views on YouTube?


Youtube becomes more and more popular every year. Here you can promote absolutely everything: yourself, your business, your beloved cat, etc. However, there is little desire to spend a lot at first. Therefore, there are some options for recruiting views on Youtube.

We need quality content. Less is better, more conscientious. Clearly focused on the needs of the target audience. If you are a choreographer, shoot dance videos or training in this direction. Selling something? Tell us more about the product and how to apply it. Show some actionable life hacks.

How-to videos are very popular. This is a real help for getting views. You can ask questions people will throw up ideas for future releases. The audience loves to be interacted with.

Be sure to ask to subscribe to the channel. After all, it is not difficult to press the coveted button. It is important to be reminded of this periodically. Or arrange rallies, the main condition of which will be a subscription to the channel.

Don’t neglect creating playlists. When everything is systematized, it is easier for the user to navigate in the videos. There is also a plus from playlists — this is autoplay. Videos will be watched much more if Youtube offers them.

There are maps and end screens. Maps can pop up at any time. And the end screensavers will help orient the user to other playlists.

Don’t forget about watermarks. This is a corporate logo that reminds you to subscribe to the channel. He will be present on all commercials.

You can promote your channel on other social networks. Give a one minute presentation and tell your subscribers about yourself. They can follow the link and subscribe buy youtube watch hours legit.

If possible, you should invite a famous blogger to your channel. This will help increase the number of views. You can also clearly formulate titles and key phrases, this will make it easier to find the videos you want.

Take care of the miniature. Do not rush to choose from the options offered. Most often, users click on thumbnails that have nothing to do with the video content and stay to watch the video until the end. The thumbnail should grab attention and resonate with your brand.